Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our 4th of July Holiday Weekend

The tradition continues: the weeks leading up to July 4th were full of bustling and planning and cooking and shopping, and list making and list checking, etc. I think Independence Day is the children's favorite holiday - our freedom, liberty, the constitution, the founding fathers, our God the Creator -- all these things should be celebrated and remembered so we do not take them for granted.

This year, Brent and Melissa made the trip down to join in the festivities. It was great having them here. The kids all had a lot of fun playing games and getting everything 'just so' . . .

and the big boys enjoyed testing things out, just to be sure, you know.

After services on Sunday, Dad took everyone to Mom's favorite restaurant for dinner - what a treat! I love having all my family gathering around. The food was delicious, service was great and company was terrific - time just always goes too quickly.

On the Menu: Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and brats, potato salad, chips and guacamole and salsa, baked beans, fresh veggies, fresh fruit and melon, our red/white/blue USA jello mold, festive cupcakes and dragon. Yes! I said "Dragon!" He was the 'Keeper of the Fireworks' but we ate him anyway! He was very sweet indeed.

After the meal, things really got exciting!

The Arsenal

The Gathering: our big house and big yard are a great blessing at times like this.

and the noise! Noah still would rather have silent fireworks.

Just as dusk approached, the big boys fired off rockets that drop parachutes, and the children and Dad ran and ran to see who could catch them. We tried to have plenty available - but it seemed this year the wind took many of the parachutes over the electric fence into the pasture. Still, a good time was had by all!

And then we broke out the sparklers - the little guys are not so little, and not so afraid, so it was very fun, and exciting. I especially enjoyed helping baby Ezra,now 15 months old - he had to be in there with the rest of them. He was NOT going to be left out!

Once again, the show was awesome - plenty of ooohhhhs and aaaahhhhhhhs and wows. We have cleaned up and recuperated and looking forward to next year - though I can honestly say I am a bit relieved it will be a whole year before we do it again - whew! Maybe you'd like to join us?

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