Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Viewing the World Through the Eyes of . . .

my little guys.

Recently I let them take my small camera and play photographer. It was fun to see some of the pictures they brought back. Although, it wasn't until some days later that I saw them. They showed up in my pictures folder, but I had forgotten about their independent photo session. I sat confused for a moment or two, til the light dawned and a faint recollection came over me 'Oh, yeah! that was the day we were butchering 5 deer and I needed something to keep them occupied until I could put them to work!'

I've posted several of their photos, unedited, for your viewing pleasure! No comments, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

Sunday, November 28, 2010


On the heels of Thanksgiving, as we venture into the time of year we celebrate The Greatest Gift Of All, this thought appeared on my daily devotion calendar:

When you feel grateful for something others have done for you,
why not tell them about it?

Over Thanksgiving weekend we enjoyed a few days of family, food and fun. We took time to give thanks for our many blessings. Our bellies were filled, the dishes were washed, the floors were swept, the kiddos (not to mention the adults) were exhausted. Aaahhhhhh Life is good.

Thank you to all my family - every year you bless me by joining us in our home, helping to make special memories. Thank you for gathering around my table and bringing joy into our lives. I know I don't say it, show it often enough. It means so much to me. Thanks for being here!

And in closing, this little prayer was included in my ready:

Don't let me get so busy that I forget to show gratefulness to others.
Help me to especially appreciate the loved ones You have given to me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday Night Supper

Popcorn - our family tradition - a carry over from Dad's growing up years. On Sunday nights, Grandma popped big batches of popcorn, and if anyone was still hungry they could fix a sandwich or dig through the frig for leftovers. Sounded like a great tradition to me, so I carried on when we first married. And 26 years later, still popping that corn on Sunday nights, though sometimes one of my helpers does the popping.

This week, I added something from my growing up years. Braunschweiger, Miracle Whip, thinly sliced onions on Roman Meal Bread. Yum Yum!!!! Took me right back to my childhood. My mom often had the makings for this tasty treat on hand. Sometimes we'd make it on saltine crackers or toast, but Roman Meal wheat bread was my dad's favorite. There was always a jar of MW in the frig. Now we use my own homemade ww bread, and true Miracle Whip is only in my frig when I find a really great deal (which I did recently). I sometimes embarrass my family as I stand in the aisles of the grocery store, salivating as I relive culinary memories. Anyone else have that problem, or am I alone here? I am winning my children over - though a few prefer actual 'mayonnaise' and only Luke and Dad will eat the onions, but the braunschweiger I bought last week is nearly gone.

I wonder what special foods and traditions my children will revisit as they are raising their families. It's gonna be such fun finding out!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking Back at Summer

As the cold weather gets ready to settle in, I find myself reliving memories from warmer days. One of our road trips this summer took us south, to Arkansas, to attend the wedding of the oldest son of dear friends of ours.

Their son Brock and our son Brent have been friends since before they were born - it brings us lots of joy to see them each marrying Godly young ladies. Both of the 'boys' have turned out all right, if I do say so myself.

The wedding was lovely. It was fun to see a few familiar faces and getting the opportunity to meet a few new ones. Brent was a groomsman, happy to step in and return the favor (Brock was best man at Brent and Melissa's wedding). Gabriel was the ring bearer.

I don't think a boy has ever taken that honor so seriously, or done such a fine job! Gabe even stood through the whole ceremony, not once thinking about shirking his post.

Weddings always take me back to my own wedding day. And remind me how young we were, and how mature we THOUGHT we were! I love having my brood around me - they like to tell me I'm still young - and I choose to believe them!

(ok, so we look a little tired, maybe a little older? well, it was the end of a very full weekend)

I'm posting just a few candid shots here, 'cause I know most of you checking in like to see the family.

(Luke and Caitlin, the two oldest at home. We sure do have a good lookin' batch of young'ns, don't we?)

(Now, our littles are not so little, but they all agree -- you can never have too many big sisters -- they are very happy Melissa has joined our family)

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