Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday Night Supper

Popcorn - our family tradition - a carry over from Dad's growing up years. On Sunday nights, Grandma popped big batches of popcorn, and if anyone was still hungry they could fix a sandwich or dig through the frig for leftovers. Sounded like a great tradition to me, so I carried on when we first married. And 26 years later, still popping that corn on Sunday nights, though sometimes one of my helpers does the popping.

This week, I added something from my growing up years. Braunschweiger, Miracle Whip, thinly sliced onions on Roman Meal Bread. Yum Yum!!!! Took me right back to my childhood. My mom often had the makings for this tasty treat on hand. Sometimes we'd make it on saltine crackers or toast, but Roman Meal wheat bread was my dad's favorite. There was always a jar of MW in the frig. Now we use my own homemade ww bread, and true Miracle Whip is only in my frig when I find a really great deal (which I did recently). I sometimes embarrass my family as I stand in the aisles of the grocery store, salivating as I relive culinary memories. Anyone else have that problem, or am I alone here? I am winning my children over - though a few prefer actual 'mayonnaise' and only Luke and Dad will eat the onions, but the braunschweiger I bought last week is nearly gone.

I wonder what special foods and traditions my children will revisit as they are raising their families. It's gonna be such fun finding out!


  1. Yum, yum!
    We do popcorn too! But we add ice cream sometimes.
    I also was "raised" on braunswager sandwiches and Roman Meal bread. Wow! I might have to get some this weekend. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Gotta love those traditions and memories, eh, MamaAnt?
    Dh brough that ice cream tradition along, too - homemade! Don't get that made every week, but my teenage son mixes up THE BEST whenever we can.

    Thanks for reliving memories with me and have a blessed day :)

  3. Yummm, Braunschweiger! I haven't had those in ages :-) I like to do the popcorn tradion as well. But I've found that being pregnant it doesn't work too well, so I'll make a quick meal for us all anyway. Tonight is grilled cheese and tomato soup - easy and yummy!


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