Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Viewing the World Through the Eyes of . . .

my little guys.

Recently I let them take my small camera and play photographer. It was fun to see some of the pictures they brought back. Although, it wasn't until some days later that I saw them. They showed up in my pictures folder, but I had forgotten about their independent photo session. I sat confused for a moment or two, til the light dawned and a faint recollection came over me 'Oh, yeah! that was the day we were butchering 5 deer and I needed something to keep them occupied until I could put them to work!'

I've posted several of their photos, unedited, for your viewing pleasure! No comments, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves


  1. Cute pics! They look like they had a great time!

  2. Fun post, Mom! I think it's so funny looking at Bonnie eye-to-eye and seeing you looking so tall :-)


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