Wednesday, December 24, 2008

While all of you are gearing up to celebrate the birth of our Lord……

We have just celebrated the birth of our L!
Ok, we are gearing up to celebrate the birth of our Lord, as well, but 16 years ago yesterday L was born. What a wonderful Christmas it was that year. We brought home a newborn babe on Christmas Day! He was wrapped up with a great big red velvet bow. 16 years later he isn’t so keen on this type of adornment, but we did deck the dining room with streamers and balloons – birthday stuff, not Christmas stuff. He is such a good sport. Some years his birthday celebration gets lost in all the Christmas Craziness, but I do enjoy stopping a few moments to relive his arrival and beginnings.

L was the baby for 8 years. Wow! Now look at him! He informed me when he was 2 that he was NOT my baby, NOT the Little Brother. I think an angel had whispered in his ear, and I should have listened. He’s now the big brother to 4. And a really terrific big brother at that!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 Days Til Christmas!

See what we’ve been up to . . . .
(Warning: This post is loaded with pictures)

Annual Cutting Of The Tree

Annual Trimming of The Tree

Annual Christmas Recital

Annual Gingerbread Extravaganza

Annual Christmas Baking Day (ok, this one takes us more than one day)

C’s Christmas Cake Creation (anyone needing a holiday cake?)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

When the Cat’s Away The Mice Will Play

Actually, the saying should be, “When Mom’s Away, The Kiddies Will Play!” I was gone the other day, for most of the day. I put in my hours at local pg center and then helped set up the Christmas Tree Auction they are holding to raise funds. When I walk in the door, E comes running and says, “Guess what C can do! L is teaching us to do it too!”

They proceed to show me how they can walk up the walls in the hallway. A trick my older ones learned from a friend years ago from a friend that stayed with them while M and I were out of town one weekend. Now they get to pass on the tradition to my younger ones. So, if you come visit and see foot prints 6 feet up on my hallway wall, you’ll know why.

Now, this morning, I ask M to download pictures off my camera to the computer. As I scroll through to see what is there (I am looking for a couple shots for my on-line projects) and THIS is what I see -- again, evidence of what goes on when I’m not home.

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