Thursday, December 4, 2008

When the Cat’s Away The Mice Will Play

Actually, the saying should be, “When Mom’s Away, The Kiddies Will Play!” I was gone the other day, for most of the day. I put in my hours at local pg center and then helped set up the Christmas Tree Auction they are holding to raise funds. When I walk in the door, E comes running and says, “Guess what C can do! L is teaching us to do it too!”

They proceed to show me how they can walk up the walls in the hallway. A trick my older ones learned from a friend years ago from a friend that stayed with them while M and I were out of town one weekend. Now they get to pass on the tradition to my younger ones. So, if you come visit and see foot prints 6 feet up on my hallway wall, you’ll know why.

Now, this morning, I ask M to download pictures off my camera to the computer. As I scroll through to see what is there (I am looking for a couple shots for my on-line projects) and THIS is what I see -- again, evidence of what goes on when I’m not home.

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