Monday, February 25, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - 2/24 to 3/2

As I work to find 'normal' around here again, posting my menu weekly plan is one way to accomplish that. What with the wedding last week and the weather patterns, I've not been able to get my monthly big shopping/big cooking days in. That makes it all the more important to have our meals planned out for the week. Now I'm off on another mad dash to town to stock up before the next big snow hits.

Sunday - Bagels for breakfast; Taco Salad for dinner, Popcorn supper with Homemade Jelly Donuts (made by our resident almost-twelve-year-old)

Monday - Oatmeal and leftover donuts for breakfast; Pizza Hut (using up their BookIt certificates) for lunch; Hamburgers for supper

Tuesday - Burritos for breakfast; Soup for lunch; Lasagne for supper

Wednesday - Cereal for breakfast; Sandwiches for lunch; Scalloped Potatoes w/ Ham

Thursday - pancakes and waffles (stored in freezer from earlier this month); ramen w/ veggies and ham; Frozen Dinners (date night, so kids are on their own)

Friday - Egg-in-the-Window for breakfast; mac-n-cheese for lunch; Pizza and a Movie Night

Saturday - Muffins & fruit for breakfast; leftovers for lunch; Stuffed Peppers for supper

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Something Blue . . .

My girl has her own style, her own spin on life, her own way of looking at things. She loves the Lord, loves her family, loves her new husband. She's a bit of a loner and seeks solitude and quiet when needing to recharge or work through the tough things in life. She is fiercely loyal and a non-conformist by nature. As a rule, she does not let what others say and do dictate what she says, does and believes. 

And so, this girl of mine did NOT wear or carry something blue when she walked down the aisle on Sunday. 

I love you, my girl!
But there has still been plenty of 'blue' around here. While we are all very happy for her, and excited for her, and pray for her and cheer for her, we miss her. Mixed emotions. We are all working hard to see the 'rosy' things in her new life with Stephen amidst the 'blue' that comes with missing her. 

 Crazy, isn't it, that I've been posting about this big wedding in our family and have no photos of the big event to share? The bride and groom whisked off on their honeymoon trip straight from the reception and until they have seen the photos, I think I should hold off. Once they return home and I have permission from the photographer, you can rest assured, I'll be sharing plenty!

And so, to wrap up this little wedding poem series, you can click on each line below to view previous posts:

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue.

And how about you? Did you follow this age-old tradition? I even put a 'penny in my shoe'! (When I told that to Caitlin, she rolled her eyes at me and sighed, "Mo-o-o-om!" so I dropped the subject.)

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Something Borrowed . . .

It's a done deal -- they tied the knot! 

On Sunday, our daughter Caitlin married her young man and since they have not returned from the honeymoon trip, I don't have permission to post pictures yet. Be sure to stop in next week!

But I can tell you that the beautiful bride borrowed her mother's veil for her special day. 

Before we removed the veiling from the headpiece I wore (nearly 29 years ago!), we had some fun dressing up the younger girls - dreaming and reminiscing and sharing. At 11 years old, we were amazed at how well my gown fit her! She's growing up fast and doing a good job filling her big sisters shoes (and mama's wedding dress!) already. At 6 years old, Rebekah was in her element. She would have been happy to trounce around in it all day long.

Next week I'll share several lots TONS of photos from the wedding, including how we re-made my veil for Caitlin's special day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Something New . . .

 The bride will be wearing a brand new gown on her wedding day, but she won't allow me to give a sneak peak. But the flower girl (littlest sister) has agreed to let everyone have a glimpse of her new dress (made by mama).  

Our days are busy this week and the air is filled with excitement and anticipation. Only 4 more days!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Something Old . . .

As any good mom would do, I am making sure my daughter starts off her marriage right.And so I'm going to bring to you a quick little series based on that old saying:

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue.

To fill the requirement for the first line of this little poem we took my own wedding dress down off the shelf. No, she won't be wearing it. Honestly I don't think anyone will ever wear it. I remember feeling like a princess on our special day nearly 30 years ago but much of it has yellowed with age time. Besides, some of the fabric was, well, from an era long ago and of a rather polyester-ish quality.

   Ring Bearer Pillow 

I decided to create a few Keepsakes with bits and trims and layers from my gown. I'm hoping these will become Family Heirlooms, used by our children and grandchildren as they take that next big step in life, committing themselves in marriage the one they've chosen to walk through life. 

 Flower Girl Basket

 All materials used, aside from the pillow stuffing, a few little ribbons on the pillow, and the touch of red rose came from my wedding dress and bouquet. 

I thank my daughter for letting me get all mushy and sentimental, and for allowing me to take on these little projects. I hope it comes to mean as much to her as it does to me. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recycled Grocery Tote

Today I want to show you a recent project.

my grocery helper carrying several canned goods, a couple boxes of mac/cheese, a bag of pretzels and tortilla chips, probably a few more items as well
A Grocery Tote made from grocery bags. You know, those plastic bags that seem to breed in the dark corners of the pantry or broom closet or kitchen cabinet?

And where would I come up with such a wacky idea?
It happened something like this:

While traveling across the midwest via train, a friend hollers calls out,
"Hey, Linda! You need to come see this!"

I walk up the aisle and look in the direction my friend is pointing.
I meet a sweet lady with an unusual handbag. A handbag crocheted from strips of plastic grocery bags.

"Do you mind if I have a closer look," I ask her.

"Be my guest," she says, and she proceeds to open her handcrafted purse. She gives me a tour, invites me to dig in and see the construction all the way down deep to the bottom. She grins and shares how a friend made it just for her and how it's the perfect thing for traveling. We discuss all the possibilities and uses and you-coulds.

Once I had returned home, I 'googled' and searched and found out that when you cut those pesky plastic bags into strips (cut off the handles, slit open the bottom, begin cutting 1 inch strips in a circular fashion) and roll them into a ball like you would yarn, you have created 'plarn'. Cool!

I saw many patterns out there, but opted to create my own. I made several sturdy foundation rows using a half-double-crochet and then worked rows in the round, with a bit of an open pattern.

the perfect grocery tote or beach bag or whatever bag
To form the handle, I chained several stitched at about a third into the row, slip-stitched it to the previous row and continued around, creating a matching handle around the other side.

I then single-crocheted a couple of rows to finish it off. This was a create-as-you go project, and lots of fun! It was quick and easy. Once my stash of bags gets unmanageable again, I think I'll have a couple of my assistants making up big balls of 'plarn' so I can create a few more.

A big thank you goes to this friendly lady, wherever/whoever she may be for inspiring this project.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

[Afraid] - Five Minute Friday

Taking five minutes today, Friday, to let the words flow from my fingertips, joining others who freely jot down thoughts, at Five Minute Friday.

Today's word is [Afraid].


I am afraid of the dark.
I am afraid of saying the wrong thing.
I am afraid I might make a mistake.
I am afraid of disappointing others.
I am afraid I will not measure up. 
I am afraid of what others might think.
I am afraid.

But in the shadow of the cross there is no need to be afraid. Jesus has already had victory over the world, has conquered death, has given me freedom from fear.


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