Saturday, August 23, 2008

Look Who’s 6!

Last week G celebrated yet another birthday. 6 years old. Wow! I remember so clearly the day he was born. I woke up early on a Monday morning with small, tell-tale signs that today would most likely be the day. The contractions were steady, but not serious. I had an appointment with my OB right after lunch, so it was a good time to get everything done that needed to be done. And the thing that needed to be done was…….Dill Pickles! Everyone rallied around (even Dad) and helped me out – I think we canned two batches of dill pickles that morning.

I could probably give you a play by play of the rest of the day, but I won’t bore you (hee, hee) I do know that around supper time we were walking the grounds outside the hospital trying to come up with a name – this poor baby had no name yet. But just before 10:00 that night, he made is appearance! A very special baby boy, born ‘in the caul’ as they say. He was born with the amniotic sac completely intact, which is a sign that he’s been blessed by the angels. My doc said she had not had very many babies born this way – he is very special indeed.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from our little family birthday party. He was very impressed with his excavator cake. He thought it was too ‘cool’ to cut into – though we convinced him it would taste pretty good with the homemade ice cream his dad had made. L wrapped up bits and pieces of a new Battleship game and made G work hard to receive his gift - - I think L was influenced by all the times Big Brother B had pulled the same kind of thing on him when he was the ‘little’ brother.

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