Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Laundry Monday . . .

. . . has turned to Big Laundry Tuesday

I was up and ready to tackle Mount Laundry yesterday morning, right after breakfast. The assorted mounds were ready and waiting – and then -- no water. What? Couldn’t be. Yes, NO WATER

Apparently, the main water line was accidently cut by a contractor. At noon, the faucets were flowing again, but I never did get back to the laundry room.

And so, this morning, as I throw a few more items on each mini-mountain, I enthusiastically work to scale Mount Laundry once again. I am determined to conquer! We have a big camping trip coming up this weekend, and so need clothes ready for packing, and then when we return – oh, my! I’ll deal with that another day (go ahead, call me Scarlet)

But as I stand there, facing the challenge, I smile. My day would be easier without all these dirty clothes to clean, fold, put away. But then where would I be? No pitter patter of fat little feet slapping down the hallway, no beautiful bouquets of dandelions, no sticky kisses, no scratches and scrapes to miraculously heal with my special healing cream, no late night talks over coffee and hot chocolate, no opportunity to fuss over beautiful young ladies and handsome young men wearing their finest, no chance to be amazed by the talent of a budding young photographer or the ingenuity of a young carpenter . . . I could go on, but you get the idea.

My mounds of laundry have already begun to diminish. My first two are gone. Instead of doing laundry for 10, I’m only doing laundry for 8 and one day I’ll reminisce about how nice it would be to have more dirty clothes to wash again.

I wouldn’t trade Mount Laundry for anything. I going to happily take on the challenge week and week. What challenges are you happily tackling this week?

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