Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Birthdays

Esther turned 9 in March. She is becoming such a lady. Because we were getting ready for our roadtrip, her birthday celebration was a whirlwind this year. I didn't even get an 'official' birthday photo of her - guess we'll have to do a summer photo shoot - I think everyone needs to have their portraits updated, anyway.

Her Birthday cake this year was a Spring Bonnet Fit For A Queen

On Dad's birthday, we were actually on the road to KC, where Luke played a double-header. So, as a special surprise, Caitlin and Mom whipped up a special birthday cake and we all surprised him the day before his birthday by showing up at the office with the cake and taking him to Taco Bell, everyone's favorite restaurant (ok, so it isn't Mom's favorite - but Dad definitely was happy about it!)

So, what did we create for Dad this year? We took the following into account:
1. He is THE BEST
2. He designs dams
3. He is an engineer
4. He likes cake

He and all the Engineering Department seemed to enjoy it.


  1. oooohhhh ahhhhhh! Those cakes are gorgeous! Very creative!


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