Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Bliss

So, what does a family do when the Storm of the Century blows through?

First: predictions -- last night at the supper table everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, gave their estimates on how much snow we'd actually receive. There were not very many optimists in the group -- the children all came in with a number much lower than the weather man's prediction.

Second: plans -- what if the electricity goes out? do we have the stuff for snow ice cream? can we bake (a, b, c)? can we (x, y, z)? are the snow pants all clean? where did my other boot go? hey! I KNOW I put both mittens right here!

Next: sleep -- this is not easy when you are 6 years old 'cause 20 inches is, like, HUGE. This is very exciting stuff and it's hard to keep you mind quiet - the potential of what you can do!

And today so far: Take care of the animals first thing, before we have to tie a rope the post out front in order to get to the barn (we've been reading the Little House books lately!) A game of Monopoly. A couple of Mom's old-time B&W movies (the Queen and the Baby are always game for that!). Make a braid from rug yarn (the wind was blowing the front door open - Needed some weather stripping fast!). Check the weather updates, again. And again. And again (we are a housefull of weather watchers!)Lego building. Lego Wars. Brownie Baking. Jigsaw puzzle. Read Aloud (The Borrowers by Mary Norton). Check in on kids in Chicago. Find out if new grandbaby is making an appearance yet. A game of Tractor Tipping.

Still to come: More games! Maybe video games? Definitely garden planning - gotta think Spring! Family Devotions - very enjoyable as we'll get wrapped up and snuggle in as we read scripture and share together.

And most importantly: Cover everyone and everything in prayer.

We are safe, sound, and having a great time. How boring this week would have been without all this weather excitement. Each of us will have a story to tell when it is all said and done. So, off to fire up the tea kettle - time for hot chocolate and brownies!

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