Saturday, October 6, 2012

Creating the One Stroke Way - Day 6

All those beautiful roses. Now what do we do with them?

The possibilities are endless - greetings cards? note paper? a wall plaque? how about the walls in your girls room. I decided to start with something simple. Bookmarks.

I painted 3 rose, spaced across a page. I trimmed up the edges to be sure it fit nicely through my laser printer. I typed up a Bible verse on my word program on the computer. I set the page to print the same verse in 3 different columns. After printing, I cut the columns apart, making 3 strips, or bookmarks. The roses add a special touch in the background, each one different from the others.

To finish these beauties, I 'laminated' them by covering them front and back with clear contact paper. I was thinking how nice a lamenating machine would have been, but I'm still pleased with how these turned out. Making do with what you have on hand is not a bad thing, right?

I then trimmed up around the edges of each bookmark and they are ready to share with my friends. For all you ladies from Monday Night Ladies' Bible Study, guess what you will be receiving next meeting! I printed Psalm 8 on these, to help us recite together.

If you'd like to read along from the beginning of this series, or if you missed a post, you can find all of my One Stroke Painting posts here.

If you'd like to know more about the One Stroke Painting method created by Donna Dewberry, or if you are interested in her workshops, instruction books or other products, you can check her website at

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