Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is SO True!

The Bathroom Door Is Closed
Please do not stand here
and talk, whine,
or ask questions.
Wait until I get out.
Yes, it is locked. I want it that way.
It is not broken, and I am not trapped.
I know I have left it unlocked, and even open at times,
since you were born,
because I was afraid some horrible tragedy
might occur while I was in there,
but it's been 10 years
and I want some PRIVACY.
Do not ask me how long I will be.
I will come out when I am done.
Do not bring the phone to the bathroom door.
Do not go running back to the phone yelling
'She's in the BATHROOM!'
Do not begin to fight as soon as I go in.
Do not stick your little fingers under the door
and wiggle them.
This was funny when you were two.
Do not slide pennies, LEGOs,
or notes under the door.
Even when you were two this got a little tiresome
If you have followed me down the hall talking,
and are still talking as you face this closed door,
please turn around, walk away,
and wait for me in another room.
I will be glad to listen to you when I am done.
And yes, I still love you.
...Author Unknown
copied from lambechops blog, first seen at momys.com If anyone knows where this was first published or the author's name, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I was just thinking about this again this morning, and was wondering whether I should print it out and stick it on the bathroom door! Do you think anyone would pay attention?

  2. LOL Karen! I expect they'd look right through it - NOTHING will stand between one of our littles and their mama!


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