Thursday, March 26, 2009

Music to a Mother's Ears

"These potatoes taste very good, Mom. This is a very good supper" - this from the mouth of my most finicky child.

"Cause that's what God wants me to do" - this from the mouth of my 6 year old son when asked why he was hanging up his clean laundry when he was supposed to be in bed. How can I argue with that?

All the hard work pays off. I'll take these small rewards any day! I have the best paycheck ever - it'll withstand even the toughest economy!


  1. How sweet! I love that God wants him to hang laundry instead of be in bed, lol

  2. How sweet! Can you send the laundry hanging child to my house?? And, yes, you can copy my post - after all, I copied it from MOMYS!

  3. yes, he is a sweet boy :)

    guess I need to hang out at MOMYS more, eh Karen?


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