Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why do they call them ‘Strawberries’?

Because you should use a ‘straw’ to de-stem them! I don’t remember where we learned this little trick, but if you take a drinking straw and push it up through a fresh strawberry from the tip to the stem, it remove the core and stem with a perfect strawberry left in tact – ready for your favorite recipe. The younger ones were a great help this year, including 2-yr old R. She’s a real pro!

Again this year, L and C worked for a neighbor that has a U-Pick berry patch, and while they received a nice little paycheck, I received some very nice strawberries! With the berries they brought home, and the berries my littles helped me pick, we put up a batch of strawberry-rhubarb jam and a batch of strawberry syrup and several pints of sliced strawberries in the freezer.

I love getting good things for my family stored away for the winter. The bright red jelly jars on the counter shine like jewels, the packages of fruit in the freezer remind me that we’ll have good things to eat even when the garden has finished producing. I’m thankful and amazed at how the Lord provides and I’m happy to do my part to make sure my family eats well.

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