Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't UnderEstimate the Little Guys

Last night, during our evening devotions I was again reminded that I often underestimate my younger children. We've been reading through the gospel of Mark. Every child that can read takes a turn reading a couple of verses out loud, then we discuss what we read, ask questions about things we didn't understand. I'm continually amazed (ok, maybe I shouldn't be, but I am) at what a great job even my Littles do at reading out loud, and comprehending what they've read.

I recently heard this phrase "Practice makes progress." What better way for our children to practice reading, practice thinking on spiritual things, practice listening skills, practice patience, practice taking turns than as a family gathered at the end of the day. Some may think the Bible is too difficult to understand - 'practice makes progress!' The wheels of their minds are constantly turning, so why not fill them up with stuff of substance, rather than fluff?

And talking about 'the wheels turning' -- as I tucked the little boys into bed, I could see something was floating around in that brain of my 5 year old. I hung around a few extra minutes, just to see if he'd reveal what was developing in those thoughts of his -- sure enough, it all came spewing out. He seems to be a little confused about family relationships.

N-"Mom, Alyssa used to be a girl"
Me-"yes, she's still a girl"
N-"No! She used to not be married"
Me-"yes, but now she's a grown up married lady"
N-"Right. and she used to not be a mom, but now she has a baby"
Me-"yeah, Arioch was born here last summer. He's going to be a year old soon."
N-"so, he's my other brother?"
Me-"No, he's your nephew - you are Uncle Noah"
N-"I'm a kid. I'm an uncle? I'm not grown up yet. but I'm growing up fast, huh? That's pretty neat."

Yes, they grow up very fast. He still had a quizzical look on his face as I left the room. He'll figure it out.

In the meantime I need to slow down and listen to their questions, take time to give a thoughtful answer, or make the effort to discover answers together. They keep me grounded and on my toes and get my priorities back on track. I wouldn't want it any other way --

And they really know the art of enjoying a plate of spaghetti!

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