Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's Lunch Menu . . .

Mus'Go Chili -- yum, yum!

Before the busy weekend is upon us, I decided to clean out the frig while making lunch today. I found a small dish of diced green peppers, 1/2 an onion chopped, a bit of cooked burger, a bowl of cowboy beans, and a partial serving of black beans and burger. Yes, there were a couple of other items (that's right! only a couple!) that went straight to the chicken/scrap bucket, and so they don't come into play here. Well, seeing these items lined up on the counter, I had a flash of de'ja'vu and inspiration all at once.

I could see my mom bending over the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in the Little House in St Louis, probably on a Saturday night, saying "This must go, this must go, this must go. . . Looks like we are having Mus'Go's tonight!"

Well, all these beautiful ingredients practically jumped into the pot themselves. They were begging to be sauteed up all together in a bit of olive oil, and have a can of tomatoes and a few savory spices join them (a few spicy ones, too). How could I resist on this cool, rainy afternoon? Wonderful how everything works together for good, isn't it?

Lesson to remember - Inspiration is often found in the mundane, everyday tasks - so be ready and watching!

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