Monday, June 13, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I've been inspired encouraged these past few months by a blogger named 'Nony' at A Slob Comes Clean. I have absolutely fallen in love with her. She's a girl after my own heart. Nony began blogging her way to a neat and orderly home, to de-mystify the mystification of the slob-brain, to understand her tendencies and weaknesses and find solutions to making life better for her family. The things she writes about are often amazingly thoughts right out of my own head. I admire her focus, and her stick-to-it-iveness, and her willingness to say, "this might work for you, but it just is NOT going to work for me, and that's ok!" or "I've let things slip, but I'm moving ahead anyway!" Back in February, I read her very first post and continued all the way to the present (this is known as reading backwards - you never knew I was so talented, did you?). I found myself saying, "If Nony can do it, I can too!"

No, I am not going to be blogging daily about my de-slobification process (I don't think I could take the blow to my ego for all the failing I see in my future) - but I do want to join in a couple of link-ups that she has participated in (well, once I figure out how to link-up). One being Menu Plan Monday from Most months, I do have a monthly menu plan, but it does vary a bit from week to week, and so I think this will help me focus in on what's coming up each new week.

This week our menu will be:

b'fast - breakfast burritos
lunch - tuna salad
supper - tacos

b'fast - oatmeal
lunch - mac n' cheese
supper - crockpot chicken

b'fast - cereal
lunch - Mom's chicken soup
supper - lasagne

b'fast - toast (made from mom's whole wheat bread)
lunch - quesadillas
supper - date night, big brother and sister are in charge of tonight's meal for the kiddos

b'fast - egg casserole
lunch - sandwiches
supper - pizza night

b'fast - pancakes
lunch - leftovers
supper - Luke's grilling burgers and dogs

b'fast - bagels
dinner - this may be Caitlin's b'day meal (which will be meat, potatoes and corn), since her actual birthday will be a bit crazy with a trip to the airport

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