Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Power of a Penny

My favorite home remedy for bee stings:

Yep, a penny. A plain ol' 1ȼ piece. The other day, the kids and I were picking up after they had finished building their new playground set. I picked up a pile of plastic and paper trash and felt something poke -- I thought there must have been a staple or nail in the pile, but when I dropped it all in the trash bin, there was a bee still stuck to my finger. Ouch! (Why is it things like that always hurt worse once you've seen the wound?)

After I (not so calmly) flicked the bee away and pulled the stinger out, I headed into the house, pressed a penny on the sting, leaving it there until the stinging feeling subsided (only a minute or two, honestly!) The pain was gone, I could barely see the spot where I had taken the stinger out, and back to work I went.

Moral of the story - keep a penny in your pocket, some say it's good luck, I say it's good medicine. Happy Summer!

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