Friday, November 30, 2012

She Did It Again

And just what did she do, you ask?

Our Caitlin has met the challenge to write a novel in a month. She met her goal earlier today, writing over 50,000 words in the month of November. WaaaHoooo!!
The National Novel Writing Month website has proclaimed her a winner, and everyone here agrees. She's a winner alright!

This novel, yet to be titled, is a sequel to On the Line, the novel she wrote last year. She likes to keep her writing under wraps until finished, and so we have yet to read it, but we are looking forward to helping her polish and proofread and pull it all together for publishing this spring.

NaNoWriMo is open to anyone and everyone. I'm thinking the younger kids and I may all take the challenge next year. What better way to improve your English/Grammar/Writing/Communication skills?
Her first book-hot off the presses
While you are waiting for her next novel, On the Line is available at in both Kindle and paperback format. It would make a terrific Christmas gift for that special someone who loves a good adventure story or who always wanted to be in on a treasure hunt or who just likes an enjoyable story.


  1. That is awesome!! I know you're proud...that's quite an accomplishment!! I'm going to check out her first book right now!

  2. Thank you, Kasey. This mama cannot help grinning, you'd think she won the Pulitzer or something, the way I've been acting the last 2 days. It is such fun to celebrate in our children's accomplishments.


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