Friday, November 30, 2012


A couple of months ago I came across Five Minute Friday and have been wanting to join in. LisaJo posts one word early on Friday morning and you are to write - unedited - for five minutes. that's it. easy. fun. Now I see she is taking the month of December off, but I thought I give it a try today anyway. Hoping to pick it up again in January!

Today's word:  Wonder 
I'm thinking on the word 'wonder' this morning. 
"I wonder . . ."  "Isn't it a wonder?" "Don't you think he's wonderful" "Are you wondering about something this morning?" 
My youngest children will be singing tonight. Singing wonderful words, proclaiming a most wonderous event - the birth of a child. Not just any child, but THE Child.  
Our oldest daughter is due to give birth very soon. Our third grandchild. I wonder, boy or girl? I am so looking forward to meeting him (or her)!
Thinking on these things I am overwhelmed with the wonder of it all, in awe of my God and Creator who knit these little babes together, fashioned them to be just who they are, to be born into this very time. 
I know who the babe in the manger was. Who He grew up to be. Who He IS. Do you?


oh my is it ever hard to not go back and do some editing! 
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  1. Congrats on your "soon to be born" grandchild. How exciting!

    I'm joining Lisa today and writing about this word "wonder". It is difficult not to go back and edit, but it's kind of fun to write with this free abandon.


  2. I love your thoughts and your perspective on wonder. So many exciting moments of wonder happening to you right now. What a blessing to be amidst such simple and lovely joy. Thanks for sharing this post!

  3. How wonderful that you will soon be welcoming another grandchild. My oldest daughter just got married in June and I hope to be a grandma in the not too distant future! Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

  4. Hi Linda
    My two have also gone into the big, wide world, still clutching the cut-off apron strings. I am glad and a bit envious (the good kind) of your third grandchild coming. I pray that everything goes well! Enjoy them!
    Much love to you

  5. Thank you, ladies, for all your sweet comments. Your input and encouragement bless me! Right now, everyday, there is wonder all around. Praying we can each have open eyes and open hearts to see.


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