Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Longer A Baby. . .

. . .sniff, sniff

My baby is now 2 years old. It would be a surprise to me if the Lord had any more coming our way, so I am working hard to savor each stage as my littlest ones grow up. We put away the high chair, put away the crib. I suppose we all have 'childish' things we need to 'put away'.

Potty Training? I think we'll put that off until after our big Fall vacation. A long road trip, camping, and a newly trained toddler are just not a good combination, in my opinion.

She enjoyed her birthday celebration. Family, balloons, wrapping paper and cake. Who could ask for anything more! C and Mommy worked together and turned out a very cute lamb cake. Baby B's favorite animal (baa-baa-lamb).

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