Monday, June 30, 2008

And How Does Your Garden Grow?

My name isn’t Mary, but my garden has been quite contrary. It really hasn’t appreciated all the rain we’ve received. The children and I worked this morning (before the day heated up!) and hoed down the weeds we’d let get out of hand. With rains coming every couple days, it’s been tough to work the garden. I know that it is very possible we won’t receive enough rain now for the rest of the summer – we’ll just wait to see what’s in store.

Though too much water has maybe held some of the plants back, we are still hopeful. We are seeing many small green tomatoes, the green beans are putting on lots and lots of blossoms, and there are teeny tiny cucumbers coming on.

And this year we have dill plants that are nearly as tall as I am! YaHoo! Brushing up against them brought on whiffs of dill – mmmmm made my mouth water just thinking about those dill pickles we’ll be putting up soon! The amazing thing is that they are volunteer plants. We have 5 or 6 dill plants that just popped up among the peas. I guess they reseeded themselves last summer. But they are doing so much better than any I’ve bought in town, don’t think I’ll be wasting my money anymore.

Once we had the weeds under control, we went over to play with the chickens. My little guys especially love finding bugs and things to throw to ‘the ladies’. If we keep them happy, maybe they’ll produce more eggs? Hope so! The should start laying this next month (or else!) We also confirmed our suspicions – one of the she-chickens is definitely a he-rooster. We’ll keep him around, I think, unless he starts causing trouble.

A wonderful discovery -- we found that the raspberry plants I thought had been weed-eated and chicken-scratched have survived! We ate a few berries off the bushes, that have spread out toward the pasture. L is going to help me set up a permanent bed so we can keep track of them better.

It’s been a good morning, catching up on household duties this afternoon, in the cool of the a/c.

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