Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shopping with my 5 year old

Yesterday was my “Big Shopping” Day. I pick up groceries and sundries needed for the upcoming month. G was my designated “Helper Of The Day”. We had a great time! He is such a great conversationalist. He has questions about everything and points out the tiniest details his mother might be missing. He did an excellent job of organizing my groceries – fragile, crushable items in the back cart. Solid, heavy items in the front cart. He found several places they had rearranged the store shelves (now WHY did they do that!?) and we had a long discussion about why some people drop unwanted items where they don’t belong.

We stopped at a local produce market that sells bedding plants. I told him I think maybe the plant I wanted might be in the greenhouse since we didn’t see it on the outdoor racks. He looked and looked, turning circles around me as we walked. “Where Mom? I don’t see it!” I told him it was right over there. We headed straight toward the open door. “Mom, Where? There’s no green house here.” Ahhhhhh, this literal, concrete thinker expected the ‘greenhouse’ to be a ‘green house’! It was hard not to laugh right out loud.

Now, my usual tradition is to treat my Helper to lunch at the restaurant of their choice. But this time I asked if he’d mind eating at one of my favorite places. He graciously consented and so I treated him to lunch at the Chinese place. He loved it! That’s my boy! Since his dad doesn’t care for it, G can treat his Mama to Chinese from time to time. While we enjoyed our meal, we discussed how the placemats were made, why the spoons were a funny shape, how many lightswitches were on the walls, the couple of lightbulbs that had burned out, hydrolics (there was a neat waterfall sculpture near our table), how they get the papers in the fortune cookies, and many other highly important topics.

Yes, it was a fun day. God used G to give me a little reminder of the important things in life. It is so hard for this old Mom to keep her perspective in the right place these days.

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