Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As a Mom, I know I’m successful when…..

. . . I have to check with my 17 year old daughter to find out how much flour to add and what temperature to set the oven when making chocolate chip cookies! I’ve trained my girls so well, I have hardly baked in the last 5 years! I wanted to have a treat ready for some people that have helped me out lately (like my supervisor at the pregnancy crisis center where I’m volunteering and our Amish Milk Man and his family) so I thought, hey! This will be fun! R (now 2 years old) and I filled the counter with all the ingredients and dove in to make some delicious cookies (using C’s famous recipe). We all chuckled a bit over the fact that Mom had to check in with the Expert Cookie Baker for hints and tips.

Fantastic results, by the way! Warm cookies straight from the oven, a cold glass of milk (or coffee for Mom) YUM!!!!


  1. Hola!

    guess who?

    I really enjoyed your blog, I can't believe I had not done so before!

    It's hard to believe Gabe is 6 now.
    Happy Birthday Gabe!!!!

    We just got back from San Antonio, thanks for checking up on my girls.

    I'll call you soon!

    Love you guys!!! Hi to everyone!!!

  2. So glad to hear from you, Dear Friend! I'm glad you made it home safely - I pray your trip was a good one. How did E ever survive w/out his girls?

    Thanks for checking in on me :0) We really should talk more often!

    Love to all!


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