Thursday, September 11, 2008

Decluttering Update

Well, there are still a few things to finish up, but they are going to have to wait. We accomplished a good deal the last 24 hours! Here are the promised "After" pictures. Sorry about the quality. I wanted to get them posted tonight, so I snapped them rather quickly, but it'll give you the idea.

I'm hoping to do a little decorating soon - adding some things to the wall, making the window coverings, etc. We also will be sorting and purging the bookshelves. My goal is for this 'catch-all' room to be renamed the Library. Sounds rather sophisticated, don't ya think? The little guys and I 'do school' at the dining room table, now -- but I think we'll move in here to the Library for schooltime!

I'm beat - off to bed for a good night's sleep so I can enjoy the Lord's Day with my family tomorrow!


  1. Hi ya lyn! Glad you stopped by! I've got you in my prayers ;0)

  2. It looks great!! I'm so jealous you have a "library." We lived in one house that had this nice front room, it was right off hte living room, had the front door,etc, we called it "the front parlor." I always loved talkign about "the parlor" and felt so sophisticated when I said it. Never mind it was actually used as the toy room, lol.


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