Friday, October 24, 2008

More Vacation Pictures

Here are some photos taken in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (Fundy National Park and Cape Breton National Park) Enjoy!Plenty of trails to hike along -- R was mostly determined to climb the hills herself, but once in a while those little legs would near give out and she would have to accept some help from old Mom!

The children were thrilled with all the treasure they found at low tide. They were very interested in the barnacles and snails that were still attached to the rocks. R was quite offended they wouldn't move out of her way, she kept busy swiping them off and away. E kept busy 'rescuing' as many as possible, moving them to puddles left behind.

Dickson Falls - Gorgeous! The Boardwalks were so nice, made some of the hiking easier, but added to the view as well.

And the ocean is, well, BIG!

L and C had fun racing the waves and the tide -- more than once I thought they'd end up in the ocean!

And, then there were the colors -- it was as though the Lord had painted them on His canvas just for us.

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