Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whale Watching

This was definitely at the top of everyone’s favorites list – the highlight of our vacation, I think. We took a whale cruise out on the Gulf of St Lawrence. A seal came up close and personal to say hello, and then a pod of about 15 pilot whales, including a couple of babies only 2 weeks old. Thrilling! We also saw 5 or 6 bald eagles.


  1. What an adventure. We would love to go whale watching sometime. :) Looks like you all have a great time.

  2. And did I mention that no one got seasick?! Whew!!

    Hey, Naomi - are there whales on your side of the Atlantic?

    These whales were so close - we could see the 'birth rings' on the 2 babies - Captain said they were less than 2 weeks old!


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