Monday, October 20, 2008

On the Road again!

Oct 9 –

We were able to stop and meet another of my MOMYS friend (hi Neysha!) before crossing the border again. She and her family met us at a nearby park where we had a quick picnic lunch and the children could run off their pent up energy. She was very sweet (I knew she would be!) and we enjoyed visiting with her and her dh about country living, gardening, canning, etc. Again, our visit was much too short.

We then had a short wait at the border (we are amazed at the long line of cars and buses waiting to get through) But once at the gate, we didn’t even have to show our papers -- then on to the Bay of Fundy – magnificent views, gorgeous weather, and the colors are still spectacular. Our rock hounds filled their pockets and packs, our hikers had a good workout, and the family photographers kept their cameras snapping.

Our statistics, to date (Oct 11) :
8 days on the road
7 US States
4 Canadian Provinces
2,087 miles
5 campgrounds
5 sunny days

2 misty days
Temperature range 60 hi to 45 low
30 different state license plates
8 different canadian license plates
2 bandaids applied

A drawer full of souvenirs
And a couple hundred rocks

We are really enjoying our tour of eastern Canada. We especially have enjoyed the unique character and personality of each province.

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