Friday, November 7, 2008

Bringing Home the Bacon….

Er, I mean, the Venison! L got a nice doe during the Youth Hunt this past weekend, and M brought in a young one with his bow last week. My mighty hunters are coming through once again! Just in time, too. I was seeing the bottom of my freezer! I am so thankful they are willing to get out there and provide for the family. It sure helps the grocery budget, helps me put healthy and nutritious meals on the table. What a blessing!


  1. I hope to have AR hunt when he gets a little older, dh doesn't really do any of those things but ds is interested :) I look forward to your venison recipes :)

  2. janelle - I'm glad AR is interested - it's been really great for my boys (and girls ;0) ) It's a great blessing to have some land where they have the opportunity to learn to 'hunt, gather, conquer' you know, "Guy Stuff" I'll put together a post w/ my family's favorite venison recipes!


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