Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Funny Little Incident . . .

. . . at least I thought it as humorous. Here is a little snippet I wrote up while on vacation, right after we crossed over the Canadian Border, back into the U.S.:

Oct 17:

We’ve just crossed the border, back into the US. M pulled up to the border station, rolled down his window and said ‘Hello!’ The young man in the booth looks at his co-worker standing behind him and says, “Wanna check this one?” With a yawn and and a shake of the head he says ‘nope’. I think he saw the camper, the kids, and didn't want any part of us.

Our border guard then asked us how long we’d been in Canada, was it a pleasure trip, how many in the vehicle?
chuckle, chuckle, ‘yes, 8’

The fellow asks, are they all children? Are they all our children? The same family? Maybe he didn't believe us, or maybe he pitied us, or maybe he was just glad it was us and not him?

When you travel in a pack, I suppose no one wants to mess with ya (hee, hee, hee). I could see in his face he was not in the mood to check everyone’s papers, he waved us on through – have a nice day!

We were treated very well at the borders, coming and going - no hassles, though the Canadians don’t seem to be as concerned about who comes through their borders as the Americans do. We definitely had more questions when entering the US.

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