Saturday, November 8, 2008

" In my own little corner. . ."

". . . in my own little chair. . ." "It's possible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage. It's possible!"

Ok, I have these songs stuck in my head. E woke up this morning with a low grade fever. It has been a long standing tradition that when my little girls are sick, we snuggle up together and watch Cinderella. The l970's made for television Rogers and Hammerstein version. That's the only time we watch it. When they are feverish or when they need to keep 'the bowl' on their lap. This is a long-standing tradition, started when A was about 4 years old.

E and I curled up in my bed and watched it, bringing back memories. Funny how I can remember A or C so clearly doing the same things E or R do now. The years are flying by! But yet, my precious memories help them stand still, in my mind at least.

The boys? Not much into Cinderella -- Andy Griffith, the Lone Ranger, Lassie, Ol' Yeller. That's more their speed.

There you have my few rambling thoughts this afternoon. I must admit it is very fun having a large family - I get to revisit those special traditions over and over -- once one grows out of it, another steps in to take their place!


  1. You have an award! Check my blog :)

  2. An award? Me? How exciting! Never thought I never imagined my simple little spot worth much notice!

    One problem -- I am having trouble getting into your blog (I think it is security issue on my computer - will check in as soon as I have them resolved!)


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