Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

This year it was rather quiet as we saw the New Year in. C had 3 girlfriends spend the night (the R sisters) They are lovely young ladies and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. They humored me by joining me in a game of ‘Catch Phrase’ (a Christmas gift from my aunt) and didn’t mind a bit when the younger set weedled their way into their fun and games.

New Years Day -- G received a cool handy-man set for Christmas and has been itching to put the tools to work. So Dad and E, G and N hid themselves away in the workshop. Every few minutes one of them would pop out for this or that, emphatically stating “Now, don’t you come in here, Mom! Make sure you don’t even listen!” OK, now, these words are often heard around here throughout the month of December. I have 2 beautifully crafted lazy suzans on my dining table and a lovely CD tower standing by the stereo to prove it. But on New Years Day? Aren’t they supposed to be watching football or something?

Well, after breakfast, 3 young gift bearers walk into the kitchen with Cheshire grins spread across their faces. “For you Mom!” E puts a very nicely crafted, very pink birdhouse into my arms. Dad got a lesson in patience, G tested out his new tools, E was able to put her interior/exterior design talents to work (yes she is the one that picked pink) and N practiced being a handy helper. Oh, yeah – and now I have a pretty pink birdhouse to adorn my backyard!

Friday night, as usual was pizza night. We are working on cutting back on television time, so it was game night rather than movie night. A rip-roaring game of dominoes! Yep, with 4 players ages 6 and under, it makes for a very exciting game. G, while off in The Land of Daydream turns his half-full cup over his shoulder, dumping his watered-down soda down his back and onto the floor. R begins announcing the colors of all the dots on Mom’s dominoes. Then while I’m seeing to R’s bathroom emergency, everyone lets N take my place (so he added 3 dominoes to my stash rather than playing the 3 I had lined up – we’re just having fun, right?) Dad and I are tied for the lead going into the last round. Triple score for this round – and guess who wins? Not me! I come in just a couple of points of being last. Yeah, that’s right. We’re still having fun.

Saturday – L is busy concocting who-knows-what in the kitchen. N says “What’cha doin’ in there?” G answers “I think he’s having an experience”
Let me explain -- the Kitchen is often where science takes place at our house. You know, as in Science Experiments. I suppose that is an experience! G just needs a few more vocabulary lessons, I guess.
Anyway – L was heating up leftovers for lunch. Hmmm, maybe that IS an experience! Or was it an experiment after all? You can be the one to decide (he he he)

Oh yeah, and on Saturday my 4 Littles were exposed to chicken pox. So we shall soon see what the rest of January will bring!

Sunday we had a wonderful Lord’s Day. Only the R family was able to be with us. But sweet fellowship it was! After our service and potluck dinner, L brought out his guitar and joined Mrs R and her girls with their stringed instruments. They regaled us with their renditions of familiar hymns and praise songs. It was a spontaneous, impromptu idea. Something we ought to form into a habit.

And today, Monday -- we implemented our new schedule/routine/school plan. A little rough, but generally a success. We were more productive today than we’ve been in quite some time. I’ll give it a grade of Satisfactory, with room for improvement.

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