Friday, January 9, 2009

Today's Vocabulary Lesson

2 year old R was helping me get a pile of laundry folded.

Me: "We have a lot of clothes to fold, don't we?"

R: "Yah"

Me: "You are a great helper! You are doing such a good job"

R: "Yah"

We work side by side, Mom folding and sorting, R rearranging.

R: "Look! Lots a' clothes!"

Me: "Yes, we sure do have a lot of clothes"

R picks up her jumper and says "Look! This is MY clo!"
Me: "Clo?"
R: "Yes! This my clo, too!" she says, as she picks up her nightgown.
OK -
more than one garment = clothes
single garment = clo
Some days I learn quite a lot from my little ones, and I think sometimes they make more sense than the adult world! How do we ever teach them this crazy language of ours?

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