Saturday, January 31, 2009

Survived Chicken Pox Epidemic

As many of you know, the 4 youngest recently came down with chicken pox within 24 hours of each other. Woohoo! It’s over! Knowing it may be coming, the kiddos had a long list of activities they wanted to indulge in while quarantined – you know, things like cartoons and Shirley Temple movies, pigging out on ice cream and pudding popcycles, long luxurious baths, etc etc. So, we were all prepared!

A week after they had all been exposed, I began watching like a hawk – and began hearing words like these:
“Do you have to look again, Mom?”
“You want me to lift up my shirt AGAIN!?”
“What’s this spot, Mom?”
“Is this a freckle or a chicken pop?”

I was hoping for 1 or 2 to break out, since we have opted not to get the vaccine. But never did I imagine they all 4 would break out at once. At first, I was not sure this was a good thing. But then, thinking on it all for a few moments – better a few tough days than having it all spread out over 8 weeks. My children were gracious enough to plan this over a holiday weekend – Dad had a 4 day weekend, and with C and L to help out we made it through! They each had a real good, but not too bad of a case. I am thankful they are strong and healthy and grateful to a God that makes our bodies amazingly resilient.

Even chicken pox are a reminder of the awesomeness of our Creator. Just as He has blessed us with 8 children, not one of them being the same as another, each of these invalids broke out in different ways. R’s spots were concentrated mainly on her scalp and face with many here and there and everywhere. G had the most on his upper torso, front and back. N’s were mainly down his backside from waist to upper leg. E had a few sprinkled here and there throughout, but really not concentrated in any one area. OK, call me strange, but these are things I pondered while up most of the night with an uncomfortable two year old!

Ahhhh, yes. Another milestone. Praise the Lord!

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  1. Praise God!! Wish I'd known, I'd have brought the kids over :)


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