Friday, June 29, 2012

Big Summer Fun, $0

What do you do when you have a houseful of kiddos who need to run off energy and the temps outside are at the 3 digit mark and the budget says there's no extra $$$ for a trip to the water park?

Create your own Water Arcade!

We drew a target (note the rainbow colors - art and science lesson right there. Can you say 'Summer School'?) on a piece of poster board. Tape to a plastic deck chair. Dunk splash (foam) balls into a bucket of water, and then . . .

"Step right up! 3 throws per customer, please! Test your skill! Who can hit the Bull'sEye?!"

Splash Ball Target Practice kept them busy for a couple hours. Time enough for Mom to kick back with an Iced Coffee and a good book. Gotta love summer!

A Trip the Big Fancy Waterpark=BIG BUCKS.
Making Fun Memories in the Backyard=PRICELESS.

Linking this post up with Big Family Friday at Holy-Spirit Led Homeschooling.

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  1. Fantastic idea! I'll take more if you have them. :)


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