Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 6/4 to 6/10

Hello, Everyone! I'm baa-aaack!

Last week was the beginning of my Grocery Month, so the freezer is still stocked pretty well and the pantry has all we need for the time being. I enjoy life in the kitchen during this time - the hard work at the beginning of the month is over (the menu planning, the BIG shopping trip, the FULL cooking day, etc.) and we are not yet near the end of the month when reality hits and I find out if I over-estimated (rarely happens) or under-estimated (sometimes happens) or if I was spot-on with my estimations (does happen from time to time!)

This is the list of meals I prepared/assembled/accounted for a week ago (I'm rather an old-fashioned girl, pencil and paper for me, thank you very much!):

It's posted on my frig. Each time we use a meal, we mark it off. Last week we used up burgers, lasagne, sausage & kraut, chicken spaghetti, a pizza pak and a container of sloppy joe.  I sometimes fill in each meal on a monthly calendar, but with so much going on this summer, I think it will be easier to have a master list of main meals and then fine-tune it at the beginning of each week.

Now, what's on the menu for this week?

Monday:        b'fast-breakfast burritos
                      lunch-tuna salad
                      supper-tacos, mexican rice, pinto beans

Tuesday:       b'fast-oatmeal, banana muffins
                     supper-chicken/broc/rice casserole

Wednesday:  b'fast-cereal
                     lunch-funny faces
                     supper-crockpot goulash

Thursday:     b'fast-ww toast
                     lunch-sloppy joes
                     supper-Omelets & potatoes

Friday:         b'fast-baked oatmeal
                    supper-homemade pizza

Saturday:     b'fast-cereal
                    lunch-Every man, woman and child for himself!
                    supper-Graduation Celebration!!!
                               (BBQ Chicken & BBQ Beef sandwiches)

Sunday:       b'fast-bagels
                    dinner-salads and/or leftovers

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