Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring - A Season of New Beginnings

For everything there is a season
It seems for us it is the season of new beginnings. 
After a long winter slumber, the world around us is coming to life. 
photo credit: Gabriel Sears, 10 years old

The melting snow and fresh rains have quenched the thirsty ground. The sun is warming the earth, making it ready for my garden seeds.  

Our family took time to soak up scripture that tells us of the events of the last days of Christ's life on earth . . .
the tomb is sealed - such a dark hour. But wait!

. . . and His Victory O'er the Grave!

Easter morning-the stone is rolled away! He is risen!
Life after death. A new beginning.

We watch as Grandma's sweet cat tends her brand new kittens. One will come home to live with us in a few weeks. Oh, but which one?! So hard to choose. New life, new beginnings.
Sophie Cat and her 5 precious kittens
 Can you imagine how difficult it is to choose from five adorable furballs? The grey one? Or the black one? Or the one that shows tiger stripes when the light shines just so.
Maybe this cutie? Esther gets to name him
And then there's the beginning of life without daughter, without sister. Such a happy event, an exciting time. But filled with some sadness too. It seems when a child of mine leaves the nest, there is always just one more thing (or two or three) that I wish I had said, or done before they were gone.  We'll have new moments, make new memories. New beginnings.
photo credit:
My girl belongs to her husband now, that is as it should be. Life is new and different without her right here in our midst where we were accustomed to having her. We'll adjust, we'll cope. A new beginning.

And there's this blog, this online journal of sorts, this cyber-place to share. 

behind-the-scenes view
I am spending time these days to breathe new life into what I share here with you. There are big and exciting things to come. 
New Beginnings.


  1. Looking forward to seeing all your new blog changes! To Spring and new beginnings!

    1. Thank you Beth! I have a million unanswered questions swimming around in my head - how will I ever get this done? You've been a great cheerleader - I appreciate that!


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