Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Chapter 6

Gardens and Gardening
Lily from our front flower bed
In this chapter, Edith Schaeffer takes a practical and creative look at gardening -- flowers, vegetables, and other, and how you can incorporate it, should incorporate it into your life, your home, wherever you are.
redbud down the road from us
Consider the fact that God the Creator chose a garden as the very first home for the very first man, the very first family. With that thought, consider how much even a tiny touch of a garden adds to our quality of life.
Spring Beauty blossom in timber out back

Iris in our back flower bed
Mrs. Schaeffer shares from her early years as a new bride, how they lived in a back apartment of an old rowhouse, with a horrific view. Instead of fretting and complaining, she and her husband took an old bin, filled it with soil an planted morning glories, which grew and spread its tendrils along the back fence, producing new and beautiful blue blossoms each morning. They added more flowers at the base for color and variety. This became their focal point as they shared breakfast each morning. A wonderful way to start the day, even in the midst of a crowded, dirty city.

This week I am challenged by the reading to consider how I care for and present God's gift of nature, right here in my own yard.
cleaning up tomato cages
The kids and I have been cleaning up the vegetable garden and flower beds, readying them for Spring Planting. We've had such beautiful weather, there's no excuse for not being out there working and enjoying it together. I don't remember the excuses reasons we had for not cleaning them out last fall, but whatever. It needs to be done now. Clear out the dead, Ready for the new!

 A few days ago I supervised my three youngest as they planted peas and lettuce. They are so enthusiastic, about getting the seeds in the ground AND the discovery of long, juicy earthworms!

I have plans to add a bit of a shade garden along our front porch (it only gets early morning sunshine). I am also hoping to brighten up the base of our mailbox post. Our mailman and passersby would enjoy a touch of color as they round the bend, don't you think? Luke has been a great help cleaning out the raspberry bed, herb bed, and front flower bed.

Once again, we have started our own bedding plants. It is even more exciting this year, because we saved seeds over from heirloom plants we started and harvested last year. Second generation plants, I guess you could say. We have two types of tomatoes, 3 types of hot peppers, sweet bell peppers, basil and dill off to a good start. We also have several varieties of flowers - marigolds, zinnias, sweet william, alyssum and a few others.

Chapter 6 from The Hidden Art of Homemaking came at the perfect time. Providential, eh? I gleaned much motivation and inspiration from it. You can too, by checking out what others are sharing over at My Homey Haven.


  1. It sounds like you are doing a great job getting your garden ready for planting. I'm sure the kids will look back on this when they grow up and remember it with fondness.

  2. I got as far as weeding the flower beds. It thrills me to see each flower bloom. It turns out we have quite a few spring flowers that we didn't see last year because we moved into the house in August.

    Next week, I hope to begin work on the vegetable garden. :)

    Have a blessed week and thank you for linking up to the book study! You gals have helped me stay on track (if you can call it that). Tonya @ My Homey Haven

  3. I love coming and reading your blog! I miss you guys so much! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the children weeding barefoot!
    I am learning that homemaking is a challenge with pleasant rewards, only if focused on Christ!

    I love you!


  4. Suanna and Tonya - it's been a wonderful spring thus far, and we have enjoyed being able to get out and dig in the gardens. So thankful for this time of renewal!

    Evelyn, I'm so happy you stopped by. Peek in on us often! You've had a most wonderful example of homemaking in your mother all these years - how fun it is to see you practicing yourself. You are an amazing young woman. Lots of Love!


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