Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hobo Bag Creation

 2 weeks ago, my Esther received a sewing basket full of goodies. She could hardly wait to get busy creating. Didn't matter what, exactly. She just want to make something, sew something, use her new tools and supplies!

Tucked into the bottom of her basket was a jelly roll. So we searched online for patterns that she could utilize some of those lovely strips.

She narrowed our search down to a purse or a bag, and we came upon a pattern for a hobo bag at Simplymodernmom. The mom that created the original pattern designed it for a dance bag for her little daughter. Esther used her idea and made it her own (not needing a dance bag but a purse/bag).

With only a little supervision and guidance from me, this is what she created. Really, she did 90% of the work! Great Job, Esther! (Now, if she'd only model it for me, so you could see how really great it works for her.)

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