Monday, April 2, 2012

More in My Declutter/Organization Journey

After the big success we had with our Play/Hobby/Sewing area during February, I decided I had better 'stay with the program' and tackle the next room on my Project To-Do List. The School/Computer/Mud Room. (I do love the open floor plan we designed for the house, but it apparently makes for multi-purpose rooms, thus the Triple Titles!)

Now that Dad and Luke have finished their work on this room (adding a wall, shoe storage, trimwork and baseboards, not to mention building a new computer), I'm cleaning out and organizing and setting up our work zones more efficiently. Hoping to finish up this week, before my big trip to Windy City next weekend.

A big challenge to getting this room in order is what to do with all the treasures. You know, treasures like the MOSTLY colored coloring books that still MIGHT have a page or two still available for my budding artists. Or a handful of pages only partially colored.

I was ruthless! The coloring books in the foreground are just one handful that went into the trashbin. Another handful soon joined them. In the background you can see the few I chose to keep. The cereal box? I cut it down to mimic those magazine holders. I am going to cover it and a couple others with fabric and mod podge to match the decor of the school room. (Check back after next week for an update) They'll make perfect storage for coloring books, my Teaching Home Magazines, Homeschooling Catalogs and more!

And then what about those beautiful works of art plastered displayed on the front of my freezer? (yes, the freezer's in the school room - might as well utilize it!)
a patch full of pumpkins, by my 4 youngest students

or the glittery robot mozaic Gabe created?

and how could I POSSIBLY get rid of that piece of roofing shingle we found in the yard of our dear friends, who so recently have moved away? Mrs. Glenda gave it to us the last time we played at their house!
Really, Mom? You think this is trash?!
OK, I will not torture you with a show and tell of each and every treasure that no longer resides on our home.  But I will tell you that I am ever so thankful for my little digital camera, that so quickly and easily preserved good memories and passified my sweet children. It's a great way to save them for posterity. We add them into our photo screensaver so that everyone can enjoy them each day.

Now that you've had a little glimpse of what we are up to, we'll be hitting it hard come Monday, and whip this room into tip-top-shape!

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