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The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Chapter 9

Writing -- Prose and Poetry
In our chapter this week, I once again saw a recurring theme. Communication. 
"Writing is certainly a medium for communication, as all art forms are. It gives the opportunity for direct communication, for verbalizing thoughts and attitudes, for speaking truth and putting content into expression." page 138
 That really is what it's all about, isn't it? Communication? And 'Hidden Art'. Looking beneath the surface and seeing the beautiful.

In earlier chapters we looked at God the Creator. He is God the Communicator. He communicated His love for us, how we can know Him, how He wants us, how we can be with Him. All of this we can know through His Words. We are made in His Image. He gives us words, thoughts, images to share. Communication.

Scripture is full of accounts of romance, history, adventure, poetry, travel, sacrifice. Such variety God shared with us! Sharing our thoughts, our words, our images with others is one thing. Putting them down in writing is another. That makes us vulnerable.

 Here is a little secret for you. I've always wanted to be a writer. I write, in my mind. I have stories floating around in my head. I hear words and pictures spring up in my mind. But very little of it flows from my hand through my pen onto paper. Or from my fingertips through the keyboard onto the screen. Those ideas, those words, those bits of inspiration are very personal. Someone reading may not like them, They may disagree or criticize or step on my heart, so I keep them close and am reluctant to share.

I began this little 'cyber-journal' so I could share everyday happenings with my far-away children. I'm finding it is becoming more. It is providing a place to stretch and grow a bit. I have tucked away in my 'memory box' a little essay I wrote in my Freshman Composition class. It was the first time I remember being told, that, yes, my thoughts and ideas are most definitely worth putting down on paper. Maybe I'll publish it here for you one day.

Our book study is about "Hidden Art", but maybe a subtitle could be "Lost Art", as in The Lost Art of Handwritten Notes. In this age of e-mail and digital cameras and photoshop and social media and spell-check and, well, you get the picture, have we lost the ability to touch someone in that most personal way? The other day I received a little thank you card in the mail. A special handwritten thank you, from a special friend, for a tiny little gesture on my part. She wanted me to know it made HER feel special. That made ME feel special. A full circle.

It is easy to make time for the big and obvious. Thank you notes for wedding gifts received? Check. Get well card for  Grandparent suffering with pneumonia? Check. A little note of thanks to the daughter who cleaned up the kitchen without being told? Ummm, didn't think of that. This type of communication is NOT my strength. This is a challenge to myself - take time to share with others, in writing, how they have touched my life in a positive way.

Have you ever heard of a 'Round-Robin Letter'? One that passes from family member to family member? You write down the news of the day, send it to Grandma or Auntie or Little Sis, they read your news, add their own news, sending it on to the next. They then read your news along with those who've added after and on it goes, til it comes back to you, giving you a chance to catch up on all the news.

A good friend of mine has a whole novel in her head, many notes at-the-ready, just waiting. The daughter of a close friend writes beautiful poetry. My own daughter has written a short novel and working on the publishing aspect right now. Many are publishing their own e-books - what a wonderful and easy way to share your words, ideas, thoughts. I had the pleasure of proof reading a novella last year, written by my late-uncle's wife. It will be exciting to hold an actual published copy in my own hands one day. How have others' written words touched your life? How can you touch the lives of others with your own written words?
This book study on The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer is being hosted by Tonya at My Home Haven. I hope you can visit her, and the others who have joined in the study. For my thoughts on previous chapters, you can click here.

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  1. I love the idea of a round robin letter. Maybe I will start one.


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