Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 4/16 to 4/22

Another week, another menu. I am grateful for both! Having a plan for my weekly meals simplifies life. It also gives me controlled flexibility. I love it that my Once-A-Month plan gives me options that can be changed around as the need arises. You see, last week, pork chops were on the menu, but when it came time to take them from the freezer it occurred to me that maybe such a special meal should be saved for a special event. And then it occurred to me that Monday (today!) is Mike's birthday. A very special event! No sweat. No stress. The chops were sent back to the freezer for a few more days, venison steaks were substituted, and now we're planning a very special dinner for a very special someone.

Monday-Pork Chops, Aunt Donna's Party Potatoes (request of the birthday boy man)

Tuesday-Spinach Lasagne Roll-Ups, salad, garlic bread

Wednesday-Hamburgers, baked beans, veggie tray



Saturday-egg rolls, fried rice

Sunday-Smothered Venison

You can hop on over to for more inspiration and plenty of recipes as you plan your week's menus.

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