Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, Clean Spaces

We all know one of the most popular New Year's Resolutions is to Get Organized, De-Clutter, Get This Place Cleaned Up. So it's time for me to get in gear, again.

Junk Drawer Neat and Organized
 You may remember last year how we dove into our kitchen junk drawers. You can view that amazing transformation HERE.

My Sewing Area, Orderly and Functional
Or what about when I took the 29 Day Challenge hosted by Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. You watched all the month of February as I tackled our toy cupboards and crafting/sewing area.You can see the Before and After pics HERE.

It was such a great experience relief feeling of satisfaction when we finished that challenge we started in on our School Room.  You can see more about that make-over HERE.

The greatest thing is that once these living spaces were cleaned up and organized, it hasn't been all that big a deal to get that back in shape when necessary. While you won't be seeing any of our spaces featured in those Home magazines and websites, we are pleased as punch with these spaces we live in. They suit us nicely, even more so now.

And here we are, seeing another year out and a new year in. With Christmas projects and out-of-town company and new grandchildren arriving and wedding gifts and sewing projects for that upcoming wedding and . . . well, you get the picture. We've made (and are continuing to make) some messes around here. Now is the time to get things back in shape. It won't take us long to get our previously ordered spaces re-ordered, but there are plenty of other spaces needing some drastic attention.

And so, dear Laura comes to the rescue again! She and 6 other bloggers are hosting a new challenge to get the New Year off to a good, organized start. I'm taking that challenge and will be posting each week in January for you to see my newly cleaned-up-and-decluttered-and-put-into-order spaces.


This year's challenge is huge, HUGE. And there are prizes, amazing prizes. There's no way I'll even be able to keep up with all the other amazing bloggers and pinners out there, but I'm excited to dig in and clean out and declutter and organize for my family's sake. The winners of this challenge will be determined by who gets the most votes. It's all up to the viewers and readers, which will be fun and exciting, and probably just a tad bit crazy. So, if you like what you see over the next few weeks, if you should feel led to do so, I'll be providing links to make it easy for you to pop and vote, for me or whomever you has inspired you. No matter how it all plays out, I'm determined to make good use of all this motivation and inspiration.

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