Tuesday, July 10, 2012

School Room Make-Over

I'm looking at getting things in order for the upcoming school year and so this is the perfect time to share with you the work we did on the School/Computer/Mud Room. We did a lot of de-cluttering and a little re-organizing and a touch of decorating. It has made the room quite pleasant and  much more user-friendly.

I know you want to see the results of our hard work, but let me show you some 'Before' pictures first.

not pretty - flat surfaces, open areas become dumping grounds
more stuff
walk-way to garage door is clear, sort of

again, flat surfaces - they draw piles
 And now! For some 'After' pictures.

Setting up 'Zones' was a fantastic way to utilize the space more efficiently. We have the School Zone, with our table, chalkboard, bookshelves, supply drawers.
We have the Computer Zone, with Dad's computer desk and the old computer for the kiddos to use. Notice the foosball table has been removed, along with other pile-collecting-furniture.
And then there's the MudRoom Zone.  Complete with the coat rack Dad put up some time ago (he's such a handy guy to have around!)and a storage cabinet to house the bins of hats, gloves, scarves, etc. We painted the cabinet the same beautiful, rich red we painted the door. Did you notice the door? Luke painted that for me - love, love, love it!!!

You must see my wonderfully fantastic shoe cubby (thanks for the idea, Mrs. R!!!) that Mike and Luke built for me. This little closet is built out over the stair well. Just wide enough for my shoe racks, giving each person a shelf of their own. I opted for no door, because then they would have to OPEN it in order to put their shoes away. And CLOSE it so the outside door wouldn't bang into it. That would be asking too much. There is still room for a shelf or two above, which we'll get to this winter.
It's been terrific as we have been doing a little 'light school' this summer. It's also been terrific to have everything in order when we have a project to work on. Easy to set up, easy to clean up.
Starting up a new school year next month will be tons of fun, now that we have a fun and lovely room to work in.


  1. Love!!!! It looks so beautiful! Makes me want to sit, read, learn, and drink coffe, of course. :)

    Great work!

  2. Thanks, Tracy - a cup of coffee and a visit with you would make even more inviting!


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