Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Current Menu Planner

These last couple of months I've been posting my Weekly Menu Plans, and singing the praises of being prepared. Today I'd like you to see a different type of menu planner. A very efficient and practical menu planner. A lovely menu planner. A most wonderful menu planner.

And, Here She Is . . .

Yep! She's my menu planner this month. You see, there will most likely be some life-changing events coming for this gal soon. She's courting a young man, and has stars in her eyes and love in her heart, and it's my job to help get her prepared for life ahead.

She's been hanging around with me for some time now, and has first-hand witnessed how I stock the pantry and put food on the table. It occurred to me recently that she had never started from the get-go. She's definitely a better baker than I. But she hasn't gone 'solo' as much with other things. So, Project Caitlin this month is to give her the grocery budget, have her plan the meals and stock the pantry and get the meals on the table. All for our family of 8. If she can do that, she can do anything!

She's doing a fabulous job! And I'm working hard at staying out of the way. Not easy, mind you. I guess this ol' Mom has some things to learn, too.

This week we've had Chef Salads on Sunday, Tacos on Monday, and tonight will be Chicken Pot Pie (and guests for dinner!)  I do not know what else she has in store for the week, but she assures me she has a plan (that's my girl!)

Though this is not my typical Menu Plan Monday post, I'm still linking up over at OrgJunkie.com where you can find menu inspiration from many others.
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