Thursday, July 12, 2012

Excuse Me, While I Bust My Buttons

 This post is brought to you by One Proud Mama, 
shamelessly plugging a new book, fresh off the presses, 
written by My Girl Caitlin!!! 
or should I say by 'Katherine Sezz'
 (her Nom de Plume, her pen name) 

You are in for a treat when you read this fun and adventurous story. Just ask me, I know! I read it!

A quick summary of her book says: "There's a treasure out there. In this fast paced action/adventure book, Earl, a multimillionaire treasure hunter has been obsessed with finding the treasure and has sacrificed everything in search of it. Now after forty years with the help of an English major, a college dropout, and a Great Dane, the treasure may finally be within his grasp. He races time-and his archenemy-to find it before it's too late."

You can order the Kindle version for only $5.99 here at Amazon.

The Paperback version, also $5.99 here at Amazon.

Happy Reading!

{Note: this is not an affiliate post. This blog does not make anything from the links provided. My daughter, the author, does make a small royalty on each book purchased through Amazon.}

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