Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking Back - February 2011

The Great Blizzard arrived on the first. It was cold, but we were warm. The snow was deep, but we were shallow....WHAT!? That makes absolutely no sense. You should take up polo or something.
I now interrupt this not-so-coherent post to bring you actual documentation from The Great Blizzard of 2011 (thank you Luke and Caitlin for filling in while I stepped away from the computer)

That first of February, the weather man was right on the money. Many around us were socked in with 20 inches or more, while we received a bit less. Still, the drifts were deep enough for some sledding, cave digging, snowcreature building and all around good fun. Everything was at a standstill - roads were closed, business were closed.

I was so happy to have the pantry and freezers all stocked up. We did some extra baking, my knitting needles were kept busy, we snuggled in for movie nights together, crafted dollie dresses from candy wrappers. We were safe, we were warm, we survived the adventure together without any mishaps. Plenty to be thankful!

February also brought a new addition to the Family:
our little granddaughter!

Sweet Baby Jemimah Belle

The elementary-aged children participated in an educational adventure in February - a living history 'museum' -  they each researched a person who made a significant impact on our history and then portrayed that person one evening to the audience and visitors to their 'museum'. Fun, entertaining AND educational!

Gabriel as Eli Whitney

Esther as Mrs. Frances Grayson
Noah as Mr. Noah Webster


  1. That's a lot of snow!!! Looks like FUN! This is a good idea - to post about the year past. Now I'm going to look at the other's you've posted :-)

  2. the snow WAS fun, while it lasted. We've hardly had any this winter, so far. Glad you are enjoying these posts. hugs and kisses all around!


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