Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking Back - June 2011


June has arrived, the flowers are blooming, the world is fresh and alive.


And one special boy is celebrating his 7th birthday!


And 1 sweet girl is co-Flower Girl for Cousin Matthew's wedding!


And the 2 sweetest grandbabies in the whole wide world came to visit!!!

mmm! cheese&crackers-thanks Grandmom!

she's so sweet, I never wanted to put her down!

And this cutie had the audacity to turn 5 years old

And it is Cicada Season . . .

I can't begin to count the number of those little buggers Gabe wrangled up --  who knew they could be so entertaining!

And Uncle Ernie helped Dad and the kiddos build a new playground in the backyard.

And a certain someone became a redhead as she bid her teen years farewell - 20 is sooooo old, y'know! She just had to do something daring and frivolous while she still had the excuse of being an immature teen-ager.

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