Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking Back - March 2011


With high hopes that Spring would arrive on time, we started our bedding plants from seed this year. I bought heirloom seeds, looking forward to not only harvesting the fruits of our labor, but seed for next year as well. So far so good! By early March we had tomatoes and peppers and alyssum and balsam growing up right before our very eyes.

My treasure hunters were out in force searching for arrowheads and such things as treasure hunters search for. They came home with pockets bulging with shards and pieces, but Luke brought home the prize. A real beauty, found not much more than a stone's throw from our house.

And look who is now 10 years old! The double digits do me in, much more than when they enter the teen years. She so grown up, seems like just last week our precious little queen arrived to delight us all.
A birthday cake good enough to eat with pretty new horses to keep and add to her growing collection.

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